In pursuit of excellence


About us

Founded in 2007, we are known for our commitment, professionalism and action-oriented approach. Working to international standards, including processes and KPI’s, we provide flexible solutions and heavy construction work that fits within each client’s budget. We are also available for interior and exterior design, decoration, renovation, maintenance and project management.

We provide our team with the very latest tools and training to enable them to perform their job perfectly. Our partners include Breitling, La Senza, Pepsi and Timberland. We pride ourselves on our impeccable time management and our commitment to meeting deadlines every time.

While we specialize in the implementation stage, we can also support clients to simplify the decision-making process throughout a project, from creating business plans and feasibility studies to the design of innovative concepts. We look forward to working with new clients to achieve exciting, innovative visions.

Our clients tell us our passion for unique, lasting and inspirational experiences is contagious!

Mission – Philosophy

  • We serve with clarity and deliver with quality.
  • We strive to maintain global standards in the quality of our work, using a high level of accuracy to avoid human error and ensure the highest level of efficiency for customer satisfaction.
  • We allocate a team of qualified professionals to execute each project from A-Z, leaving each site impeccably cleaned upon completion.
  • We build and sustain long-term relationships with our business partners, creating memorable, inspiring experiences for our clients’ business audience.

Quality Assurance

We are passionate in our work, going beyond client expectations. Our pledge is to provide every client with a positive, quality experience and to deliver client-focused solutions.

To fulfill the vision of each client, we maintain a rigorous quality control program that includes:

  • Meticulously documented quality assurance reviews
  • Communication
  • Implementation

The process is enhanced by involving clients’ concerns, analyzing causes and developing effective solutions. In this way, we maintain our strong foundation of trust and integrity with our clients.